Tobias Hornberger


Ulm, Germany

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Born in 1981 Tobias Hornberger alias 'Gras' got in touch with electronic music when he was ten.


He has always been dreaming of making his own music. This dream came true when he bought a personal computer at the age of 14. Starting with cutting and arranging samples he soon got used to free software for synthesizing new sounds and later expanded his musical output using more advanced programs like Reason or Reaktor.


Music has always played an important role in Tobias' life and apart from producing music he has also been acting as a Dj in several clubs since 2002. The music is reflecting his personal state of mind and sometimes is influenced by the feelings of melancholia, depression or social fear. It reaches from Ambient and Dub to Experimental and Jazz under several aliases like 'q33u', 'dns' (deep night session), 'tob_e' or 'Gras'.


Gras is an Ambient project and tries to combine the concepts of pure minimalism and calm deepness.



Releases & Participations


Gras - Gras [gruen005]

V/A - Janus [gruen007]

V/A - Crumbed (Remixes) [stadt008]

V/A - Ennui [gruen012]



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[aer001] V/A - Soundtrack For Your Wedding



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V/A - MyTracks01 [mt01]