Yatsuo Motoki

Christian Quast, Michael Ivertowski


Hamburg, Germany

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Yatuso Motoki has split up in May 2005


Christian Quast found his way to electronic music in the young age of 13 and first experimented with music software on the legendary Commodore C-64, later the good old Amiga 500. Lots of long nights in Hamburg's (.de) clubs, especially the 'Unit' initiated his today's affection to technoid sounds. In 1991 he made first steps to setup an own studio. His style evolved to a mixture of experimental and modern sounds because progress always was one of his major priorities.


For Michael Ivertowski things with electronic music started in an unusual place: lying in a hospital and recovering from an appendectomy, someone gave him his first techno cassette to listen to. Also unusual or at least not conveniently is the style he developed from this moment on. With no effort he copes the combination of old and new devices as well as functional elements.


Christian beeing the more practical one and Michael more focusing on the aesthetic and artistic point of view crossed path in 2002 through the liveact project 'Open Source'. Looking back on quite a lot of experiences, Christian and Michael have developed their own individual styles with slightly different characteristics, but together they manage to produce a stirring and rousing mixture of those.


Their first projects have just been release on 'Delikat Records Berlin'.



Releases & Participations


Yatsuo Motoki - Circular Motion [stadt003]

V/A - Crumbed (Remixes) [stadt008]



on other Netlabels


V/A - Communication [nore005]

Yatsuo Motoki - Elements 2 [nore003]



on Recordlabels


Caustic Explusion vs. Propan - Untitled [mst006]

Yatsuo Motoki - French Porn Con. [ndmep002]