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Fullerton, Usa

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Craque is Matt Cooke-Davis, born on the edge of 1971, finding his way into free improvisation and noise while studying classical composition and operatic performance. These influences combined in several years of college radio DJing, a time when he also planned and participated in several festivals and recitals featuring experimental music including a lot of Cage, Stockhausen and Oliveros.


After spending some time hovering through mid-Atlantic improv circles touring with groups Comma and Gray Code, Matt relocated to Chicago and thrust himself into the dance music scene; many underground electronic and multimedia shows contained classical dance and improvised visual elements alongside electro-acoustic constructions and collage. Matt participated in the Synesthesia artist collective as resident DJ, and collaborated with several area artists through dance performances and improvisation workshops.


Now in California doing time at an international web presence, he has composed soundtrack music for independent film, hosts weekly Loungeometry nights as resident DJ featuring vinyl-spun electronica, and continues to write studio tracks combining his live practices with DJ sensibilities.



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Craque - Density Operator [gruen025]