The Stringed Theory

Dustin Frelich


Vista, California, USA

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Dustin Frelich, known musically under the moniker, The Stringed Theory, has been making music in one form or another for the better part of a decade. Born in 1981, he has played many instruments over the years yet claims to be a master of none. He does, however, play a mean computer and takes any opportunity to wax poetic on the wonders of computer-based music production. His studio project, The Stringed Theory, is named after the theoretical physics concept of string theory, a model of our universe in which tiny oscillating strings form the basis of everything - unifying the infinitesimally small with the incomprehensibly grandiose. The Stringed Theory name plays upon that concept as musical resonances take the place of strings in the construction of textured and layered ambient music.


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The Stringed Theory - Universal Relativity [gruen022]