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Marburg, Germany

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System-Pi is the electronic project of Mario Hasenkamp. Moving within the versatile genres and subgenres of electronic music for over ten years, he has always been exposed to very different influences, as one can see in his productions.


The music of System-Pi unites the traditional and classical aspects of earlier techno productions, paired with current elements from very different domains of electronica - a spectrum reaching from techhouse to downbeat and even ambient. Thereby the repetitiveness of his music is extremely embossing, and can be found in the way Mario programs drums and creates melodies, though pure minimalism is rare in his works. He manages to put an ever interesting variety in loop-driven music, incubating trancelike and sometimes melancholic atmospheres.


In the early 90s, Mario did his first steps in producing music using an Amiga 500 and the legendary ProTracker. Soon he made the soundtracks for several intros of demogroups, but simultaneously tried to produce music to listen and dance to. Since the capacities of his Amiga were quite limited, he shifted to midi-equiment and hardware synthesizers to give his music a more haptical and lively touch. But since software is getting more and more flexible and doesn't have to fear competing with hardware synthesizers, Mario is only using his hardware as a source of sounds anymore - the arrangement is done digital.


What would producing electronic music be without tweaking and twisting some knobs?



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System-Pi - Retro Moods [stadt013]