Petter Friberg


Lidkoping, Sweden

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Motionfield / Petter Friberg found inspiration in electronic music in an early age, growing up with music from Brian Eno, Jean-Michael Jarre and Kraftwerk. At the age of 10 he created experimental music with old tape recorders, recording radiosounds, cutting up the tapes into small pieces and putting them back into the tapemachine.


Later he started a small studio together with Thomas Krome. In the beginning of the 90s, inspiration came from musicians like 'The Orb', 'Future Sound Of London' and 'Aphex Twin'. At this time he performed on local raves and in clubs.


The character and substance of his music changed continuously from Techno to Ambient Electronica. Currently Petter is mainly romping in the fields of Ambient Electronica, combining elements of Jazz with field recordings he did on his own.



Releases & Participations


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