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It's hard to say something about Kazooo because there're nearly no information available on the net. He does not care about a certain artistic profile or wants to make a myth of himself. He just makes music without caring of anything else. And isn't this what it should be?


Kazooo (we don't even know his real name) is one of the most spreaded artists releasing on netlabels like Thinner, Realaudio and 2063music to name some of them. Therewithal he has several releases on wax. To show his skills he also performs his music on gigs and festivals, sometimes more relaxing, sometimes more uplifting, depending upon the mood and need of the listener.


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Releases & Participations


Kazooo - Changes [stadt009]



on other Netlabels


Kazooo - Cali Planet [am011]

Kazooo - Chemical Welfare [tonAtom009]

Kazooo - Exposed [63/053]

Kazooo - Herbstlichter [ratc003]

Kazooo - Metaltermites [ratc007]

Kazooo - Palermo Beats [thn029]

Kazooo - Sparse Rotation [63/lp02]

Kazooo - Twisted [am019]

Kazooo - Typ 2x3 [am025]



on Recordlabels


Kazooo - Agrochill [ton012]