Tomas Lipka


Bratislava, Slovakia

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Tomas Lipka aka 'Monoide' got in touch with electronic music when he was 14. With 17 he was more and more addicted to the Slovak club scene with Bratislava-based club ''. In 2001, Tomas became part of the local scene by starting to produce music on his own and by becoming a Dj in 2002. He was also part of the very well known and highly acclaimed 'Redbull Music Academy' of the year 2003, which took place in Cape Town, South Africa.


Currently Tomas Lipka is playing Minimal Techno as well as floating Ambient as a Dj in many Czech and Slovak clubs.


With his project 'Monoide', Tomas is trying to overbear traditional methods of music production, always having the unification of deep driving basements, experimental structures and unconventional rhythms in mind. 'Monoide' wants to be different. Nevertheless he doesn't neglect his roots, coming from Eastern Europe, proclaiming a very special and certain kind of electronic music.



Releases & Participations


Monoide - Crispy Brown Rolls [stadt007]

V/A - Crumbed (Remixes) [stadt008]



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