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London, United Kingdom

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London based Scott Taylor co-runs the Sijis label and solely runs the Lapilli label with releases by Francisco Lopez and Daniel Menche. Scott's own music and audio has been released by 'Phonography' (US), 'Touch' (UK), 'Authorised Version' (UK), 'Conv' (Spain), 'Haltapes' (US) and of course 'Sijis' (UK).


Although founded on field recordings, Scott's work seeks to bring out a blend of the untreated world as recorded and merge it with a definite compositional musicality without using synths or acoustic instrumentation. What 'music' or instrumentation that can be heard in his pieces has been captured by him as part of the environment he was recording at that particular time. Although treatments are employed, often these will be through the application of more traditional techniques such as EQ, reverse play, slowed down or sped up material etc as opposed to the intense plug in usage others employ. There is no over-arching reason for this method other than it produces results.


Be sure to check out his own labels Lapilli and Sijis!



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V/A - Janus [gruen007]



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Scott Taylor - Leaving Eden [siji007]

Scott Taylor - Postcard [siji004]

V/A - Spire [tone20]