Thomas Bornemann

Thomas Bornemann


Bremen, Germany

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The Bremian turntablelist and producer Thomas Bornemann proves besides many other newcomers that innovative music is also arising out of Berlin's mostly overrated microcosmos. The mid 20 aged soccer-addict got infected with the virus of electronic music in the middle of the 90s, and from then on ran through the typical stages of socialization by many protagonists of this time.


Rising in the diaspora out of the main capital cities Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne, Thomas early attested his qualities as a producer and started making music. He proclaimed his passion for the sound of Motor City since 1997 on several local festivals and gigs.


From the summer of 2004 on Thomas and his 'partner in crime' who is known as 'Leptomorph' are working on the launch of their own label called 'Sorbitol Records', first artists are Angela Flame and Pacou, names in technoculture.



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Thomas Bornemann - Suggestion Box [stadt006]